Look Toward The Future

After a lifetime of service to Iowa and his community, Gary Carlson knows that our state, and her people, is capable of tremendous achievements.

Using common sense to find practical, workable solutions to the challenges we face, Gary believes we can ensure that Iowa’s best days are still ahead.

Keep Government Accountable

The State of Iowa will not grow or realize its full potential, if elected officials in Des Moines mortgage our future with out of control spending and waste.

During my years in businesses, both large and small, I learned spending more than you take in is a recipe for disaster.

And no matter what is often advocated at the Federal level, you can never spend your way out of debt.

The State of Iowa’s budget must use the same sound principles Iowans use when they develop their family budgets. Make your best estimates of expenses and income, while including a savings account, not only for unexpected expenses but also to prepare for the future. Having a balanced budget at the State level also includes insuring State reserve funds are properly funded and maintained.  The State too will have unexpected expenses or less revenue than projected, and reserve funds can avert sudden and dramatic budget cuts.

In the state capitol, I will continue to demand balanced budget and fiscal accountability.

Grow Our Economy

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and Iowa based corporations are the engines of our economy. They create jobs. They drive innovation. They lead us forward.

Iowa must create a business environment that grows, keeps and attracts quality businesses.

Here’s how we can make that happen:

  • Improve our tax structure so it no longer punishes productivity, investment, and growth but rewards innovation, hard work and courage.
  • Provide common sense, affordable incentives to businesses that add or bring quality jobs and innovative products and services to Iowa.
  • Enhance workforce and education initiatives to train and prepare Iowans with the skills necessary to succeed in a global economy.

Strengthen Our Schools

Iowa has long been a national role model for what a state education system can accomplish.

But in recent years, our schools have begun to slip in national rankings. For too many schools, graduation rates are not acceptable.

When Iowa youth fail to receive a quality education and obtain career skills, they have a very limited 21st century future.

All Iowans must commit to operating excellent schools and create opportunities for bright futures for our children.

Here’s my plan:

  • Ensure education reform is implemented efficiently and effectively.
  • Hold our schools and students to the highest academic standards.
  • Improve our relationship with our teachers to ensure that our best instructors stay in Iowa and remain in the classroom where they’re needed most.
  • Strengthen curriculum and instruction to prepare our students for 21st Century careers.